Life at Fremantle

Behind the scenes

Whether you’re an Oscar-winning director or a first-time writer, a media lawyer or a digital guru, we are the place creatives want to call home.

American Gods – Season 2 Production Begins

Filming starts for the second season of American Gods. Author and Executive Producer Neil Gaiman greets the cast on set at House on the Rocks.

The Sacred Riana Judges’ Audition

We know horror, and we know magic, but The Sacred Riana from Indonesia spooked everyone out by combining these!

Jamie Cooks Italy

2 years in the making, and traveling all across Italy – we’ve got some amazing recipes to share with you.

“At Fremantle we believe that our people are at the heart of what we do. They bring their creativity and their passion to all of our shows every day. In return we offer them a sustainable creative culture where everyone can grow, both professionally and personally.”

signature nicky gray

Nicky Gray, Group HR Director

Creative Responsibility

Fremantle wants to be the place creatives call home and we believe that our future is reliant on our creativity. Beyond entertainment, we want to stand for bigger things – we call that Creative Responsibility.

Our strategy defines where commercial relevance meets social and environmental impact.

A lack of equality, opportunity and circumstance can prevent people from reaching their full potential. We are focused on helping diverse talent to succeed, innovative ideas to flourish and untold stories come to life.

We are committed to understanding and minimising the environmental impact of our operations in our workforce and on production.

Using our creativity and storytelling, we have the unique opportunity to address and raise awareness of material issues to the masses through our shows – inspiring positive changes in attitudes and sustainable behaviour.

We foster and embrace creativity within every single one of our employees

Wherever you work, whatever your responsibilities, whatever your ambitions, we will nurture and champion the creative in you. If you want to join the global Fremantle family, get in touch with us right here, right now.